Backup options - Emsai Cloud ERP

We provide all our free users with a complimentary disaster-prevention backup feature.

All free user databases are backed up on a bi-weekly basis a on a separate storage, again free of charge. The data is currently stored for the last 3 months. This is a fallback option for free users, should the primary cloud data be entirely corrupted due to cloud failure or any other such major event (unlikely but it's better to be safe).

Therefore, if a major technical error occurs, your data is saved and can be restored from the last existing snapshot.

As our user, you are protected. We believe this is very important for the peace of mind of all our users.

There are additional choices for you to get extra protection as well.

With a paid account, if you delete important data by accident, or some employee goes rogue, or if any kind of other such disaster happens, you will be able to restore not just the current snapshot but also an older version of your data (before the errors/tampering) and take it from there. Such an option protects not just against technical errors, but also against human-generated problems.

For paid accounts, the backup frequency is much more frequent as specified in your selected plan's options, hence giving you the opportunity to restore a version backed up much sooner which saves time and work as you don't have to re-enter loads of data. In practice, this is important and becomes vital when unplanned events of this non-technical kind occur.

If you think you need a better backup plan (like daily or hourly) please check our current paid plans for more information. Please contact us for a custom quote if you can't find the option you want.

Important: We strongly encourage all our users to still retain one print copy of each business document. Not only with our product, but in general. Or at least one digital copy saved elsewhere and be ready to print large amounts of such documents on spot.

The reason is simple and not directly related to our product. These are a safe copies of your data. If you are not on a comprehensive backup plan (paid plan), in case of emergency you can quickly re-enter your latest business records from the printed documents. Alternatively you can scan and retain them in digital format elsewhere, together with the uploads saved in our database.

Please also consider that in the event of a tax investigation from local authorities in your business, having all your documents already printed can save you a lot of time and money, as they always require printed documents. They might take some storage space, but often hard copies are a life saver.

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