Introduction to Emsai ERP

Emsai ERP is a powerful, yet simple to use cloud solution. It is a special and unique software flavor in this world.

Why: Many users today complain both about cost, and the difficulty of using separate products for their business needs.

Bookkeeping, stock inventory, e-commerce and CRM programs, are often difficult to manage, and even more difficult to integrate/interconnect.

On the other hand, an ERP system is an integrated system that offers thousands of features in one product. However the downside is, that the more complex and flexible the software is, the more difficult it is to manage.

Cost: There is another usual problem most small business owners are facing: ERP products are very expensive, they often go up to 5...6 digit pricing and expensive monthly maintenance fees. In most cases they are out of budget for the average small business or startup.

Solution: We're here to fix this! Our product keeps a fine balance between easiness of use vs. flexibility and features provided. It is an all-integrated product, where every component naturally interconnects with each other, consequently giving the user an out-of-the-box fluent experience. No more hassles and large expenses, to connect your bookkeeping application, with stock inventory or CRM anymore. No more time and money lost searching for programmers or software development companies. Just sign up and you're ready to do business!

Interface: Emsai ERP also offers a beautiful, mobile-friendly interface working on all devices, laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. You can access your data from anywhere in the world, day and night, 24/7. We are also determined to always offer you a very fast and responsive product. Wasting time by waiting for minutes for a web page to load, is never good for business, and we beg to differ in that respect.

Free features: But wait, there's more: Our free plan is a generous one that any small business can benefit of. Most other products offer just a couple invoices per month, usually less than five, for a paid product while we offer much more for the free one instead! Those are heavily limited, severely crippled plans. By contrast, our free plan offers you enough room to manage tens of invoices and bank records per month without paying anything! Later you can decide to upgrade if you want, to one of our really affordable paid plans.

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