Main Features - Emsai ERP

Main Features of Emsai ERP:

  • Stock inventory: Comprehensive stock inventory system to manage all your stock entries with ease. Handles stock purchases, stock sales, transfers, delivery notes and more. Featuring multiple product groups, multiple product types, multiple inventories, physical and virtual goods as well. A lot of other stock support features are available including inventory audits and corrections, internal item consumption notes, tracking packaging for environment compliance and others.
  • Invoicing: Invoices, foreign currency invoicing, VAT handling, EU reverse tax invoices, creating Pro-Forma invoices with automatic final invoice generation. Lots of different options to choose from, all greatly inter-connected with the inbuilt CRM.
  • CRM: Manage suppliers, clients, track supplier and client transactions, automatically track unpaid bills, log item purchases and sales and more. Manage employees and agents, resellers, various fields for client preferences, payment conditions, delivery conditions and more.
  • Ticketing: Part of the CRM system is our sales ticketing module, designed to help your sales team keep close track of every inquiry, and to maximize conversion rate and ROI. Integrates with your existing email solution via POP3 account. Featuring inbound email tracking, sales team response tracking, Initial Response Time measurement, configurable sale stages, re-contact tracking. Also featuring comprehensive email filters and content filters to keep out spam and any unwanted messages from raising a ticket.
  • Bookkeeping features: Our product has many bookkeeping features to keep your finances at bay and make accounting much easier. Featuring unlimited bank accounts, unlimited currencies & foreign bank accounts, invoice reconciliation, customizable ledger accounts, cost control, daily margin calculator (tracking your profit in realtime), general ledger.

    More bookkeeping features: expense reimbursements, future cashflow predictor/planner, tracking issued cheques & cheque reconciliation against supplier invoices, CSV data export. Please note that while our product was not originally intended to become a full accounting program (we do not provide a tax return module yet), today it offers all the individual and aggregate data needed in order to make tax preparations easy as a breeze for your accountant. Also, CSV data can be imported in any existing accounting program of your choice. Internally, our product uses a double-entry bookeeping system with two user modes (simple and advanced) following modern bookkeeping program design and fulfilling all user requirements in a professional manner.
  • Reports: Sales graph, sales reports and sales groups report, various sales item, sku and account tracking reports, comprehensive stock reports, client and supplier reports, general sales graph. We are currently adding even more reports on a daily basis following user requests.
  • General features: Multiple users with configurable permissions, automatic user data backup, in-cloud document storage, "modify and correct anytime" principle, generate historical data for any past date on the fly. Cloud-based multi-device interface, working on any device like computer, desktop, tablet and smartphone. Fluid, fast responsive interface and backend. Geared towards simplicity and easiness of use.
  • E-commerce features: Coming very soon, to a device near you (we are working on it at this time, it won't take long and you will love it).

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