IP Address Monitor and Blocker: Emsa Advanced Port Blocker

Windows Utility
Operating Systems supported: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Current version: 1.0.4 - (zip file, 1433 KB) -

Product Information:

Our product Advanced Port Blocker is an efficient IP address blocker.

You can monitor and block IP addresses connecting to/from your computer. It all depends on the remote IP address of the connection, but much more complex rules are possible including ports, port ranges etc.

All TCP connections and IP addresses are monitored, logged and blocked if necessary, based on user configuration. This product is not a firewall but works in a similar fashion based on configurable rules.

With this tool you can control IP addresses connecting to/from your computer. The product also discovers hostnames associated to a given IP address, and these are updated periodically.

APB is fast by design, lightweight, small in file size and with low memory usage.

Some Features:

  • Improved blocking engine, fast & low CPU usage
  • You can now mix Remote IP addresses with local ports to create a combined rule
  • Block by IP addresses list, IP address range, and the same for Ports
  • Block by Hostname - auto detect hostnames in background and block by wildcard (*)
  • Multi-threaded DNS resolver now discovers websites your computer is connected to
  • Block only new connections and log, while keeping existing ones
  • Improved connection viewer
  • Logging features
  • Block ALL connections and Log (panic button)
  • Connections Statistics with breakdown by state

Installation Notes:
This program is provided as an installer executable. To uninstall, use the Add/Remove programs feature in your Control Panel.

System requirements
Any usual Windows machine with a few MB of free disk space will do.

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