Emsa Advanced Port Blocker - TCP Port Blocker, Viewer and Logger for Windows

Windows Utility
Operating Systems supported: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

This program has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Product Information:

Emsa Advanced Port Blocker is an internet port blocking utility, connection viewer, TCP monitor and logger.

This program monitors, logs and even blocks access to ports in your computer or remote ports/IP addresses, based on your chosen user configuration. It is not a firewall, but works in a similar fashion.

The purpose of the program is to allow the user to monitor and control internet connections (TCP) being made from/to the local computer. The built-in connection viewer and logging allows user to closely track each and every connection. Then rules can be set to avoid/block unwanted connections and even to permit certain ones. Hostname-based rules allow to automatically detect and block unwanted connections in the future. Note: It is important to read the online documentation provided, in order to use it properly.

This program is an advanced version deriving from our successful standard Port Blocker utility that has been available for over a decade. It is fast by design, lightweight, small in filesize and with low memory usage. We believe in small and efficient software and not the bloatware being often distributed today, so we go to great lengths to always make this happen.

Emsa Advanced Port Blocker has a ton of new features and improved characteristics:

  • Improved blocking engine, much faster and with lower CPU usage
  • Combined rules, you can now mix Remote IP addresses with local ports to create a combined rule
  • Adding ports and to block list by Single Port, List of Ports or Port Range; the same for IP addresses
  • Multi-threaded reverse DNS now resolves connections and let you know what websites your computer is connected with
  • Largely improved connection viewer, that shows not only connections but also remote hosts and the process that handles the connection
  • Block by Hostname - very useful feature where you enter a hostname (e.g. google.com) and all IP's belonging to that hostname are automatically blocked; wildcards are supported (*)
  • Logging feature, logs connections and blocking
  • Block ALL connections and Log
  • Block only new connections and log while keeping the existing ones
  • Save connections and lists to file, export as CSV
  • Connections Stats (number of TCP connections, breakdown by port state)
  • Freeze connections list - temporarily "freeze" the user interface in order to take a better look at a certain entry or export that particular momentary connection list to file for later analysis. Please note that while interface is frozen, blocking still occurs normally in the background and it is also being logged.
  • Manual refresh connection - while the interface is "frozen", a manual "Refresh Connections" button is available to refresh the connections while still maintaining frozen state. In this way the user gets static views over the connections at a specific moment, just like taking a photo snapshot. Useful when there are many connections that keep changing and the user is looking to capture a specific connection that occurs from time to time.
  • Delete all log files - cleanup all log files in the program folder (useful so you don't have to manually select them)
  • AutoRun at system startup

Product Documentation - Help

Installation Notes:
This program is provided as an installer executable. To install, follow the wizard instructions carefully. To uninstall, use the Add/Remove programs feature in your Windows Control Panel.

If you experience any technical issues, please refer to the included 'troubleshooting.txt' file.

If you have suggestions, bugs spotted, requests for new features, please email us. We'll be glad to assist you. Thanks!

System requirements
Any usual Windows machine with a few MB of free disk space will do.

License Information
Please read the included license.txt file for licensing information.

Product Documentation - Help

Emsa Advanced Port Blocker: TCP Port Blocker, Viewer and Logger for Windows: Windows Utility

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